Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Marathon 8

Marathon 8
Christchurch Marathon

Completed 4 hours 27 minutes

Well that is 8 marathons done, and 12 to go... yup, one year of marathons to go...

For those who are interested in supporting LIV Village (the charity behind the 20marathons) please donate by following this link 

I really enjoyed this marathon, the Christchurch Marathon, it had a bit of everything... First up was the airport panic (when Air NZ cancelled our connecting flight from Wellington to Christchurch).   Thankfully we managed to get on another flight down to Christchurch.  Sprinting through the airport to the departure gate -  felt like a scene from a movie.  Got to the hotel, dropped my bags off and headed into Christchurch CBD.  I had last visited the city to watch a Sharks vs. Crusaders game in 2009.  To see the damage from the earthquake was sobering, to see the resilience was inspiring. The temperature at the start was -4 degrees a the start. The puddles on the side of the road were frozen, and in sections there was ice on the road... my mantra for that stretch of road - don't fall don't fall don't fall... this was a new experience. and I did not fall.  

Next years event will be returning to the Christchurch City CBD and I love to return to run this event again.  But next year (fingers crossed) I will be lining up for Marathon 20 - the 2015 Comrades Marathon in South Africa...
thank you to the organizers for the entry.  

Roll on Wellington Marathon  - number 9.

I found a taste of South Africa in Christchurch...
Early morning start from Napier - to Wellington, then on to Christchurch
View from a drone camera of the start.
LIV Village bracelet peeking out of the layers...

Posing with a Bagpiper, Bagpipe player, Bagpipe-ist (don't know the official name of these musicians... but I love the sound) 

Frozen puddles...




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