Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Marathon 7

Marathon 7
Rotorua Marathon

Completed 4hours 29minutes

This year was the 50th running on the Rotorua Marathon. The Rotorua Marathon is special one for me - it was my first ever marathon back in 2011.

We arrived in Rotorua on the Friday, picked up the race numbers and a few bargains at the Expo before settling into our hotel for the night.

It was a chilly start to the day, and for some reason I felt really nervous for this one.  I was focussing on wanting to enjoy this event. After a rousing Haka, the race began.  I saw a guy running in a wetsuit, another guy in a leopard print speedo (and gold chains and an awesome afro wig).  At champagne corner we were greeted by  spectators dressed up, drinking champagne with "Chariots of Fire" belting out on speakers.   I could not help but think of the Comrades Marathon (Chariots of Fire is played at the start of Comrades). The support from spectator was amazing, random folks calling out your name (printed on your race number), bagpipes and drummers all added to the atmosphere - also reminded me of Comrades.  
It was good to see some familiar faces on the course, Ross and Ganeshji. And Tago dishing out perfectly timed high-fives near the finish. I met another runner wearing a Comrades marathon cap, Gary, we exchanged Comrades stories and vowed to keep in touch. I sure have met some amazing people while running.
With events like the Tarawera ultra and the Rotorua Marathon - Rotorua can certainly expect to see many runners returning, again and again and again... I will be back (not to be read in an Arnold Scharzenegger accent - couldn't do it could you)
Thank you to Jenny and the ASICS team for sponsoring the race entry! The ASICS Gel DS Racers worked a treat!
Release of 50 balloons, representing the 50th year of the Rotorua Marathon

Gathering for the start...

Leopard print legend.

Champagne Corner

There will be a day when I can no longer do this. That is NOt today

LIV Bracelet. The pink hair band and Micky Mouse Band-Aid were good luck charms from my kids...

To make a Donation to LIV Village follow this link - http://www.givengain.com/activist/100396/projects/5563/

Next Marathon - Chirstchurch Marathon - Marathon number 8.

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