Saturday, 5 April 2014

Marathon 5

Marathon 5
Tarawera Ultra Marathon

Completed (60km) - 9hours 36minutes
We are one quarter of the way there. 5 marathons down, 15 to go - all for LIV Village.  I have heard that as the original LIV Village continues to expand (with a community hall and clinic being built) there are plans to open a second LIV Village (thanks to inspirational Lara Kruiskamp) in a different region of South Africa.  This is amazing news and is very encouraging as we head into the second quarter of the 20 marathons.  
the 5th marathon was a 60km ultra marathon, the Tarawera Ultra Marathon. This years event had a last minute course change due to the expected arrival of Cyclone Lusi. The 100km and 85km events were changed to a 75km run and for us 60km runners, the distance remained the same, but the course was  an out and back run (I.e. More hills).  What was initially mild, actually perfect, running weather soon turned to muddy, wet and windy. Either way a fun day. I met and ran almost the entire course with Roger (a school teacher from Tauranga) - we shared a few laughs and the time flew past - Thanks Roger. We shuffled along at a steady pace, no racing, just plodding. The first 45km were pretty comfortable, but I did struggle the last 15km, thanks to a mean uphill and just damn tired legs. I will add that Roger had a GPS, and we were counting down to the 60km mark - and had that heart-sinking moment when you realize that the course is about 3km longer than you expected. With sunken-hearts and smiles on our faces we shuffled on, recognizing the terrain as close enough to the finish. I crossed the finish line with Roger and my daughter Jaimie. No blisters or hot spots my ASICS Fuji Racers were perfect over this wet 60km course. 
Here is the link to the donations page:  With the current exchange rate, foreign curacy donations go a long way in terms of South African Rand (just saying)
Upcoming event: Marathon 6 - 12 April 2014 - Great Forest Marathon
And we're off...
Before the start with the Managing Director of my support crew (Kellie, my wife).
Pretty amazing scenery

Things got wet and muddy.

Finishing a great day with my daughter Jaimie and new buddy Roger
Two awesome cheerleaders, Jaimie and Maddy - thanks for the support!

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