Sunday, 2 March 2014

Marathon 4

Marathon 4

Colville Connection Trail Marathon

Completed - 5hours 38minutes

My family and I made the 6 hour journey from Napier to Colville for a weekend away. What an awesome part of New Zealand. I think most of the New Zealand postcards were photographed up there.  What a pleasure to visit.

Once the race was under way, the family headed off to Waitete Bay and I settled into my pace for the day. It was a warm, humid, muddy day. Colville Connection is a trail run and a mountain bike event, so the mud was churned up quite a bit and made for slow progress. Walking the up hills, running the flats and sliding/ skiing the down hills like a Sochi cross country skier.  Man, big respect to those mountain bikers!

Met and ran with Mike, a Canadian Navy Diver for a bit of the race. This guy was tough, no real marathon training, but obviously fit from Navy service. We shared a few stories and wished him luck and he was off... (I saw him again at the finish, so no I wasn't hallucinating) :)  

I'm am looking forward to the next run, and catching up again with Tago and Ross, some like minded running buddies. Great to see Tanya and Colin at the finish (Congrats Colin for finishing the 70km mountain bike event, legend!).

Finished with no injuries. This was my third marathon with my ASICS Fuji Racers, these shoes have been good to me. Some proper calf cramps at 40km mark, probably from trying to run a bit too hard towards the end. Good lesson for Marathon 5, take it easy!  All in all, a good day.  Thank you Colville Connection Organizers.
Getting ready for the start

Mike in the mist

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