Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Marathon 3

Marathon 3

Hutt River Trail Marathon

Completed - 4hours 01minutes

It had been 5 weeks since marathon number 2, I felt very well rested, perhaps a little too rested after  Christmas holidays. Rested but confident.  I had managed to keep my training up over this tempting period - sticking to a light training schedule, running 3-4 days a week (more often 3 rather than 4).  To avoid injury I kept most runs between 30 - 60 minutes, with just one longer (2 hour) run about 2 weeks out from this marathon.

I made the trip to Lower Hutt without the family for this one. The plan was for me to drive down on the Friday, run the marathon on the Saturday morning and drive back Saturday afternoon.


There was an ultra option (a 60km) for this event, I stuck to the standard marathon distance. The course ran from Upper Hutt to Lower Hutt, meandering along the river.  Pretty flat and not very technical, very enjoyable run. Thank you Aurora Harriers for a great event.

There was a very interesting feature on this course, going through  this tunnel.  You couldn't see your feet and the end looked like a speck - I'm not sure how long the tunnel was, probably only a few hundred metres, but that was a surreal experience.

Heading into the tunnel

I met two legends, Mike Tennent and Ross Steele. Mike is running 52 half marathons in 52 weeks for Hospice. And Ross has run 60+ marathons and has run a marathon on every continent! Ross was great company and I look forward to catching up with him again - turns out as we compared upcoming race schedules that we will be meeting again at the start line on the next few events. You can read Ross' race report here: http://backcountryrunner.co.nz/2014/01/24/hutt-river-trail-events/

 Marathon completed with no injuries and the a few more running friends. Three down and 17 to go.

NZ Herald article:
20marathons20months got another mention in New Zealand Herald. if you haven't seen the article, here is the link below - we are honoured to be mentioned along side some inspirational people:
21/12/2013 "Marathon efforts all made for others"  -by Peter Thornton

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