Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Nappies and Niggles

It has been a while since my last update.

The 20 marathon 20 month support crew has grown by one.  My wife, Kellie gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Alex on the 16th of September...  Blessed. Seeing little Alex with his big sister Jaimie, has given me that little extra motivation to run for the LIV kids. 

Training was ticking along well, fully kitted out in awesome ASICS range (thanks again ASICS NZ), I had no excuses, rain or shine I was out training... I was running 50 - 60km per week... when (for the first time ever) I felt a niggle in my foot.  Actually it was a strained peroneal tendon - but let's call it a niggle because that sounds less serious. And a week later I rolled my ankle!  I was gutted (that would be minimizing it - more accurately I was feeling annoyed, down and grumpy). I've since been in good hands, Lynley from Boyce Podiatry and Jess from Cape Physio - have helped me make a quick recovery and I've not lost too much fitness.

Lessons learned:
* Rest days, alternating heavy weeks with easy weeks and stretching are going to be important for this project. The writing is on the wall... I'm getting old. Next  I'll be wearing slippers, talking a little too loud and telling Dad jokes... (I already do two of the three). 

* Time on feet is more important than km per week.  I had been getting a bit obsessed with distance per week and I think that trying to keep up high mileage per week contributed to the niggle. So now I am more flexible with my runs, going for time on feet rather than distance (Bruce Fordyce speaks about this in training for Comrades).  I am running two days during the week (each 35 - 60min) and Saturday (60min)and Sunday (around 1hour 30min to 3hr)

As a result of baby Alex joining the family and the rolled ankle -  I'll be going into the first marathon a little under done.  I have pushed back the start of the 20 marathons (which was supposed to kick off with Auckland Marathon on the 3rd of November) to the 23rd of November with the Speights Westcoaster.  This looks to be a very scenic trail run based around Bethells Beach, Auckland.     Thanks to the race organizers for supporting this cause with a sponsored entry.  Check out the website join in, with 6km, 13km, 21.1km, 30km and 42.2km events. there is an event for everyone

Marathon # 1
23rd November 2013
Speights Westcoaster

Support the cause - follow this link to donate:

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