Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mid-winter update

Marathon number one is about three months away. 

I have been slowly increasing my mileage (see my training log below).  My weeks have looked like this: Mondays and Wednesdays I work a little late and so no running (aka rest days). Tuesday and Thursday are evening runs, I get out around 7pm in the dark, after I've built a rocket ship, had a tea party and I've impersonated the Cookie Monster.  Then it's supper time, bath time and bed time for Jaimie... and finally my run time.  For runs under 1 hour I have a very excited running buddy - Moya, our Jack Russell. 
Weekend long runs have been in day light, mostly in awesome Hawkes Bay sunshine, with one memorable icy rainy day...  An essential aspect of my training is not featured in my training log is church on Sunday. 

I have been humbled by the support we have received.  Some very generous supporters have already made donations to the cause.  Tyrone, Daryl, Julie, Rachel, Sally and Joe, Thank you all very much.
We have some amazing sponsors so far:
ASICS New Zealand are our official running shoe and running apparel sponsor. I am so excited about this, I think I am still smiling...  I've only ever run in ASICS from my very first 10km in high school, to marathons and a few ultras. My Dad ran his two Comrades marathons (back in the 70's) in a pair of ASICS (actually I think they were Onitsuka Tigers - by ASICS).
Race Food - are based in South Africa and are supplying us with our energy bars for the 20 months  They are the official energy bar sponsor of the Comrades Marathon - they do an awesome almond and cranberry nougat energy bar.
Running Buddies

Moya, with our house somewhere there in background...

Rainy winter day...

Here is the training log for the last 6 weeks.

WeekMonTuesWedThursFriSatSunTotal KM
Jun10 -16Rest6Rest10Rest612.534.5
Running time0:350:520:331:06
Running time0:300:560:47
Running time0:520:431:390:24
Running time0:400:542:100:35
Running time0:380:562:010:40
Running time0:470:401:002:24

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