Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Marathon 13 (technically an ultra)

Marathon 13
28 February 2015

Triple Peaks Challenge (47km)

Completed: 8 Hours 3 minutes

I didn't have to travel far for this one... Based in my home region of Hawkes Bay - this was a must do event.  Awesome scenery and lots of up hill (i.e. walking) - a tough day out there.

Didn't take my camera along for this one... let's just say - amazing scenery... climbing three peaks, awesome views of Hawkes Bay and a decent river crossing.

Marathon 12

Marathon 12

02 November 2014
Auckland Marathon
Completed: 4 Hours 32 Minutes.

Lovely way to see a the best Auckland has to offer... ASICS have done a great job sponsoring this event. Perfect way to get a taste of Auckland.
Good quality race shirt and a nice ASICS VIP tent. Spoilt.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Marathon 11

Marathon 11


Completed: 4 hours 35minutes

Wairarapa Country Marathon

Another two lap course, time around the Wairarapa country side. This low-key road marathon was a great reason for the family to visit Masterton.  Very little training for this one meant that I walked a lot of the second lap. Very happy to see the kids at the end of this one... My daughter had picked flowers to give to me at the finish... beats any finishers medal I've got... (except maybe Comrades Marathon bronze medal - sorry Jaimie :) ).

Marathon 11 done - that's over half way now - all down hill from here :)

Marathon 10

Marathon 10


Completed. 4 hours 25 minutes.

North Shore Marathon

This was a whirlwind visit to Auckland. Left Napier of Saturday, a quick flight to Auckland and a drive to the North Shore to pick up the race pack. The marathon was on Sunday morning and timed perfectly to catch the sun rise as we headed off down the beach. The two laps course offered amazing views of Auckland city. What a pleasure. After the marathon, it was a quick shower and a trip back to the airport to catch the return flight to Napier.

Thank you to the event organizers for the sponsored entry.

We are half-way!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Marathon 9

Marathon 9
Completed. 4hr 37min.

Wellington Marathon

It was fantastic to have the family accompany me to run the Wellington Marathon.

I had been sick (man flu) since Christchurch marathon and only had run once since then. So was  expecting a difficult run. I faired okay, until the 35km mark were fatigue set in, and a walked a bit. I saw some familiar marathon faces (Tago and Ross) and got some energy boosting five-highs as they passed me.   The marathon course was a nice way to see the Wellington waterfront. I've heard people say, nothing beats Wellington on a nice day - and for this run we were spoilt because the weather was fine (with a bit of an early chill to the air). The start and finish was at Westpac Stadium, we stayed at the Quality Hotel (in Cuba Street) and the bus to and from the start/finish left from right outside the hotel. A nice touch was the hotel offered runners a free late check out (2pm), so we could have a shower and a soak in the hotel pool before heading home.  -Will be back to run this one again.
Thanks again to the organizers for the entry.

9 down - 11 to go

Marathon 8

Marathon 8
Christchurch Marathon

Completed 4 hours 27 minutes

Well that is 8 marathons done, and 12 to go... yup, one year of marathons to go...

For those who are interested in supporting LIV Village (the charity behind the 20marathons) please donate by following this link http://www.givengain.com/activist/100396/projects/5563/ 

I really enjoyed this marathon, the Christchurch Marathon, it had a bit of everything... First up was the airport panic (when Air NZ cancelled our connecting flight from Wellington to Christchurch).   Thankfully we managed to get on another flight down to Christchurch.  Sprinting through the airport to the departure gate -  felt like a scene from a movie.  Got to the hotel, dropped my bags off and headed into Christchurch CBD.  I had last visited the city to watch a Sharks vs. Crusaders game in 2009.  To see the damage from the earthquake was sobering, to see the resilience was inspiring. The temperature at the start was -4 degrees a the start. The puddles on the side of the road were frozen, and in sections there was ice on the road... my mantra for that stretch of road - don't fall don't fall don't fall... this was a new experience. and I did not fall.  

Next years event will be returning to the Christchurch City CBD and I love to return to run this event again.  But next year (fingers crossed) I will be lining up for Marathon 20 - the 2015 Comrades Marathon in South Africa...
thank you to the organizers for the entry.  

Roll on Wellington Marathon  - number 9.

I found a taste of South Africa in Christchurch...
Early morning start from Napier - to Wellington, then on to Christchurch
View from a drone camera of the start.
LIV Village bracelet peeking out of the layers...

Posing with a Bagpiper, Bagpipe player, Bagpipe-ist (don't know the official name of these musicians... but I love the sound) 

Frozen puddles...




Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Marathon 7

Marathon 7
Rotorua Marathon

Completed 4hours 29minutes

This year was the 50th running on the Rotorua Marathon. The Rotorua Marathon is special one for me - it was my first ever marathon back in 2011.

We arrived in Rotorua on the Friday, picked up the race numbers and a few bargains at the Expo before settling into our hotel for the night.

It was a chilly start to the day, and for some reason I felt really nervous for this one.  I was focussing on wanting to enjoy this event. After a rousing Haka, the race began.  I saw a guy running in a wetsuit, another guy in a leopard print speedo (and gold chains and an awesome afro wig).  At champagne corner we were greeted by  spectators dressed up, drinking champagne with "Chariots of Fire" belting out on speakers.   I could not help but think of the Comrades Marathon (Chariots of Fire is played at the start of Comrades). The support from spectator was amazing, random folks calling out your name (printed on your race number), bagpipes and drummers all added to the atmosphere - also reminded me of Comrades.  
It was good to see some familiar faces on the course, Ross and Ganeshji. And Tago dishing out perfectly timed high-fives near the finish. I met another runner wearing a Comrades marathon cap, Gary, we exchanged Comrades stories and vowed to keep in touch. I sure have met some amazing people while running.
With events like the Tarawera ultra and the Rotorua Marathon - Rotorua can certainly expect to see many runners returning, again and again and again... I will be back (not to be read in an Arnold Scharzenegger accent - couldn't do it could you)
Thank you to Jenny and the ASICS team for sponsoring the race entry! The ASICS Gel DS Racers worked a treat!
Release of 50 balloons, representing the 50th year of the Rotorua Marathon

Gathering for the start...

Leopard print legend.

Champagne Corner

There will be a day when I can no longer do this. That is NOt today

LIV Bracelet. The pink hair band and Micky Mouse Band-Aid were good luck charms from my kids...

To make a Donation to LIV Village follow this link - http://www.givengain.com/activist/100396/projects/5563/

Next Marathon - Chirstchurch Marathon - Marathon number 8.